Contoh Application Letter Bahasa Inggris yang Menarik Bakal Curi Perhatian HRD, Jakarta Dalam melamar pekerjaan application letter atau surat lamaran kerja sangatlah penting. Secara arti sendiri, application letter merupakan dokumen yang akan menjelaskan sedikit banyak tentang pelamar kerja untuk diajukan ke perusahaan (instansi) yang dilamar agar diterima bekerja sebagai karyawan pada posisi jabatan tertentu.

Untuk mendapat pekerjaan impian, Anda harus mempersiapkannya dengan baik dan menarik perhatian HRD. Anda bisa menulis application letter dalam Bahasa Inggris. Hal ini bisa menambah nilai plus pada diri Anda.

Hanya saja dalam membuat application letter Bahasa Inggris tidaklah mudah, apalagi jika Anda tak mahir dalam berbahasa asing.

Agar tidak salah, Anda bisa menyimak beberapa contoh application letter Bahasa Inggris pada artikel ini.

Nah, berikut ini beberapa contoh application letter Bahasa Inggris yang dikutip dari laman Saintif dan Ilmubahasainggris pada Rabu (23/11/2022).

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Contoh Application Letter untuk Hotel

Jakarta, July 6, 2020

Mr. Evans

Head of human resource division

Pt. Star lab

Jl. Sudirman no.564

Jakarta, 12046


Dear Mr. Evans,

Based on the advertising on Koran, posted on June 28, 2020 about the job as a receptionist in your hotel, I would like to volunteer to fill the position.

I have completed my undergraduate program in the field of telecommunication and tourism at Telkom university Bandung, and I believe I have the perfect skills required for the job.

I am 25 years old and had working as a receptionist for 3 years at Indah hotel. I can speak 3 foreign languages including English and Chinese. In addition, I am well adapted to operating any kind of gadget in a hotel.

For your consideration, I have attached a curriculum vitae. I am looking forward to the interview so i can explain my skills and abilities in person to you.


Best regards,


Amaya Sadita

Contoh Application Letter Bagian Keuangan

August 21, 2020

Head of HRD

PT Semesta Alam



With respect,


Based on the information I received from PT Semesta Alam has a job opening as finance staff. In connection with that, I would like to apply for said position.


Here is my brief biography:

Name: Surya PalareGender: MaleDate of birth: Medan, 06 May 1991Education: S1 economyPhone number: 083527846665Email:

I can speak English both orally and verbally. I also have the skill to operate software for the office that I believe would assist in the work.

For your consideration, I have also attached multiples such as:

Curriculum vitaeCopy of transcriptPhotocopy of diplomaLates 3×4 photographyId government copyI hope I can get the chance to follow the next test so I can talk about my abilities and skills in person with you. Thank you for your attention.

Contoh Application Letter Bagian Programmer

Azzikra Queensha Abd

Mentari street No. 200

Surabaya, CA 08067



04th March 2016


Jason Mell

Red Company

87 New street

Dear Mr. Mell,


I am writing to apply for the programmer position advertised in your company.

As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, my resume, and three references.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include, I have successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications and then I strive for continued excellence, and the last I provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers.

I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed. Please see my resume for additional information on my experience.

I can be reached anytime via email at or my cell phone, 080 5768 0000.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.




Signature (for hard copy letter)


Azzikra Queensha Abd

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